Over the past one hundred years, bands have existed at Santa Clara in varying capacities. Although no specific instance of a band has survived more than twenty years, each band created its own niche in Santa Clara history through its unique traditions and musical achievements.

The University of Santa Clara Band competed with the University Orchestra for musical prominence in the 1920s. Meanwhile, the Red Hat Band, described by The Redwood as "world-famous," flourished in the '50s and '60s, and charmed supporters with its characteristic red- and white-striped vests and red bowler hats. The 1990s enjoyed the presence of the Spirit Club Band at football and basketball games, and the Pep Band of the early 2000s stood out in its red and white Hawaiian shirts.

The SCU Bronco Band was founded in 2005 by Taylor Thorn and Andrew Willingham and consisted of a mere 15 members. Since then, the name has changed to the Santa Clara Pep Band and we are now 40+ members strong. Despite the differing names and attire, the overarching goal of supporting SCU and enhancing Bronco sports unites the bands across the decades. The next time you see "Waldo" walk by, feel free to say hi and ask what we are all about!

More about the Santa Clara Pep Band...

2007-2008: The Bronco Band grew to over 40 members during its third year and incorporated men's and women's soccer, and club ice hockey games into its fall schedule. The Band traveled to Stanford for the NCAA Volleyball Regionals for the third straight year, yet set its sights on more prominent away games - the West Coast Conference basketball tournament in San Diego. To prepare for this trip, the Band sold "Back That Brass Up" t-shirts as its first formal fundraiser and hosted the First Annual Bronco Band Tailgate, an all-you-can-eat BBQ prior to the men's basketball game against Gonzaga. Upon returning from San Diego, the Bronco Band's most successful year to-date came to a bittersweet end, as the band recognized its first true class of seniors, including co-founders and co-presidents Thorn and Willingham.

2006-2007: Heading into its second year, the Bronco Band maintained its core members and focused on growth. However, the increase in membership forced the band to eliminate its use of electricity and move some of its members to new instruments. This shift in instrumentation enabled the band to create a drumline as well as to expand its repertoire to include more unique songs.

2005-2006: Inspired by stories about the prominent Red Hat Band and eager to improve school spirit throughout the SCU community, Taylor Thorn and Andrew Willingham founded the SCU Bronco Band during their sophomore year. The band debuted on Saturday, Oct. 29, 2005 at a volleyball game with approximately fifteen members that valued playing loud and proud. Any lack of size was made up for with sheer enthusiasm as well as the inclusion of a keyboard and electric guitars. The Bronco Band made a name for itself during its first year by traveling to Stanford to support the volleyball team at the NCAA Regionals and, most notably, wearing painted mustaches for Santa Clara's men's basketball game against Gonzaga to mock Adam Morrison, the Zags' star player.