Lewis Talks Bronco Basketball

Lewis Talks Bronco Basketball
 Dave Lewis will take your questions in a special WCC Tourney Chat Friday morning.
Popular Santa Clara men's basketball play-by-play announcer Dave Lewis stopped by SantaClaraBroncos.com to talk about Bronco hoops and the upcoming West Coast Conference Tournament. Dave has been broadcasting Santa Clara men's basketball for eight seasons and is one of the most knowledgeable hoops personalities in the WCC.

Dave also writes a regular column for SantaClaraBroncos.com called "Behind the Mike." You can check that out by clicking here.

Check out the transcript from Friday's chat below.

Go Broncos!

Dave Lewis: Hey folks, Dave here. We are here in sunny San Diego and getting ready for the women's game against LMU at noon (which you can follow live on SantaClaraBroncos.com by the way). We'll get started in just a minute.
Dave Lewis: Just submit your questions and, hopefully, I can get to it. If not during this live session, I'll try to come back later and answer as many as I can. So, check back for the transcript later today.

Bobby Hill (Union City): Dave, How do you see the Bronco men doing in the tournament?
Dave Lewis: Bobby, I think there is a legitimate chance of getting into the semifinals because of the draw. Particularly since we beat Saint Mary's twice and knocking off Pepperdine at home. I think we actually received a better draw by losing the season finale against Portland.

Tom (Carlsbad): Dave, what's the best part of your job?
Dave Lewis: In all honesty, getting to work with terrific young people and a coaching staff and administrators who I consider friends. To get paid for it is really an added bonus.

Chuck (Petaluma): What is your number one moment in broadcasting SCU basketball?
Dave Lewis: Going to the tournament my very first year and beating Maryland as the 12th seed in the very first round. Since it was my first year, I assumed this was the way it is every year. Now that we've had a bit of a drought, I appreciate it more and it makes me want to go back to the NCAA's that much more.

Dale (Indio): Why do the Broncos seem to sputter in the second half of games?
Dave Lewis: We have such a young team. When you look at the players that are on the floor in the second half, you see a lot of freshmen and sophomores who have not been through the rigors of conference play. I think there is no doubt as they mature, we won't see as many second-half scoring droughts as we have this year.

Jon Fidler (Los Gatos): What are the chances of the Broncos winning four games to take the WCC tourney?
Dave Lewis: Well, the odds say it is very unlikely. They are being asked to win as many games in four games as they did in seven weeks. That being said, they have shown the ability to beat every team in this conference and with a coach that knows how to win. Hopefully, these guys will pickup that attitude this weekend.

Bronco Billy (San Ramon): Dave, You are obviously on the road quite a bit with the Broncos. How does that affect your home life with your family?
Dave Lewis: My family is very supporting and our longest road trip this year has been six days. Truthfully, I think it makes them miss me more. When I'm home for a couple of weeks, I think they might look at the calendar and wonder if it's not time for me to leave again. Heck, they probably want me to by that point!

Monica (Berkeley): Dave, What do you think about the women's team's chances in the WCC Tournament. And, what about their chances of getting in the NCAA's?
Dave Lewis: Monica, I haven't had a chance to see the Bronco women as much as I would have liked. But, I have talked to Michelle Bento a few times and I really have respect for what she has done this year. I think this is a pretty experienced team and, like the men, have shown they can beat anyone else in the league on any given day, particularly first-place Pepperdine.

Steve (Dallas): D-Lew What is the main difference between the Broncos and the top of the league this year?
Dave Lewis: Experience and on-court leaderership. Interestingly Steve, there is a guy playing professionally in Dallas right now with your same first name that showed the traits that would help this team tremendously. As this young team continues to develop, I think a few of the guys will gain that experience.

Bob Higgins Pinetop, Arizona: The Broncos have a breakdown at some point in the second half where they allow the other team to go on a run, but other than that, they play most teams pretty evenly. Why don't they stop these runs with time-outs to break the momentum?
Dave Lewis: Coach Davey's philosophy has always been to let his players work their way through these runs and over the years that has worked pretty well. It should pay dividends down the road with this group. I could even help this weekend. Let's all hope that's the case.

Sophia Passarelli: why is such a good lookin' man limited to radio?
Dave Lewis: This question is obviously from my mother or wife. I think most people might not agree with this one! Thanks for the compliment though.

Karl (Santa Rosa): Why is attendance so low?
Dave Lewis: I think there is a fairly high amount of student apathy, which I find distressing. But, it's not uncommon among all Bay Area schools right now. The antedote appears to simply win games. Win the league, win 20 games and people will how up. There is a solid history at Santa Clara and the longtime fans need to rally around the Broncos and help put this program back on top of the league, regardless of their opinion of the program. Bronco fans should be supporters of the school through thick and thin. Period.

Save SCU Football (Santa Clara): Dave What are the chances we will see SCU on Sunday night versus Gonzaga? Will Gonzaga bomb the hell out of whoever the team is?
Dave Lewis: I'd say about 40 percent. I actually feel pretty good about our chances. If we had beaten Portland and finished sixth or seventh, I probably would feel less so about it. I think the matchup against Saint Mary's, Pepperdine and Gonzaga is pretty good for us. The Broncos have a chance to make the biggest news in the country this week. Four games in four days and go to the NCAA Tournamnent. That'll address that previous question about attendance, eh?

Bob Sorrells San JOSE: Dave how do you think our womens team will do this weekend ? i think we can beat the waves you know they say the third time is a charm. Good luck to the men also and as allways Go Brorcos
Dave Lewis: Bob, good to hear from you! Loyal supporters like you are what makes Bronco athletics so special. As I said earlier, I'm pretty optimistic about the women's team winning the tournament. I think they have the mentality to do it and I really like Michelle Bento. Go Broncos!
Dave Lewis: That's all I have time for folks! Thanks for joining me, this was fun. I really love bringing Santa Clara basketball to you guys and look forward to contiuing to do so in the future. Listen to this weekend's games on KDIA (1640 AM), KSCU (103.3 FM) or here on SantaClaraBroncos.com. Saturday night's semi and Monday's championship game are on ESPN. So, support the Broncos and let's go FOUR-FOR-FOUR!!